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Oh My Pharaoh! Chapter 115 Free

Oh My Pharaoh! Chapter 115 :

Tory Line: I the sensational genius came to the school to find a job! I was proficient in eight languages ​​since I was a child, I passed the judicial examination in high school, and was omnipotent in all I do. I was invincible, you could say I was a genius of the ages that comes once every century. However, the only thing this genius does not possess is EQ- Emotional Quotation. One day, this genius was caught up with some delinquents. Terrible kids..terrible!.During the fight, I couldn’t avoid the bat swinging at my head and fainted. When I woken up again a cat appears before me. The symbol of Bastet, I found that I had crossed to Ancient Egypt, what is going on here? ” please, is this cat yours?” a young handsome man came towards me, asking about the cat. “sir, you dress funny..are you one of them Romans?” who knew I would fall in love with this guy. What a mess.


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